Lash Shampoo 50ml

Lash Shampoo 50ml

This Shampoo cleanser for eyelashes permit you to clean your lashes after using magnetic eyeliner easily.

  • With active ingredients, effectively remove makeup and dirt fromeyelashes without any damaging.
  • Tear free formula, mild and no irritation to your skin.
  • Can be used before or after in eyelash grafting, convenient to use.
  • Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry or store.
  • Can protect skin from being rough and oily, achieve the effects of beingfresh and shiny.

1. Shake well before use, wash your hands.
2. Close your eyes and gently apply to the eyelids or eyelashes.
3. Do not contact with the eyes, make sure to rinse thoroughly with water.Use every night.