PHOERA Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner


Phoera Liquid Magnetic Liner

The STRONGEST FORMULA of Magnetic Eyeliner at the moment!
To be Used with Magnetic Eyelashes TOTALLY WITHOUT GLUE

  • Strong and Long Lasting Magnetic Eyeliner.
  • Waterproof Eyeliner.
  • Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner And Lash.
  • Dark Black liner.
  • No Glue Needed ,Convenient and easy to go lash application.
  • Contains Ultra-fine Magnetic Particles,you feel completely natural.
  • Stays All day-All night!


How to use the Magnetic Eyeliner:

Easy to Apply and Easy to remover :

  1. First,apply the magnetic liner
  2. Wait a few minutes
  3. Put the magnetic eyelashes,which "click" to the eyeliner. That's it!
  4. Use an oil-based makeup remover to remove the Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner.


Net content: 5ml of Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner
Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner

    Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner

    Phoera Liquid Magnetic eyeliner


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