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How to clean makeup brushes

Clean your makeup brushes properly

Make-up brushes are essential to achieve beautiful natural make-up! Nevertheless, they must be washed regularly to be effective and not become real nests for bacteria. We give you all our advice!

Why washing Make-up brushes is important?

The question may sound stupid, but that's really the point. It is essential to clean your makeup brushes regularly to prevent them from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Indeed, used daily, brushes are in contact with your skin very regularly: sebum, impurities, dust, small pimples, nothing is spared to them! Especially if you store them in a make-up bag, the risk of your brushes being "colonized" by bacteria increases dramatically.

Washing your brushes regularly therefore helps you keep your skin looking beautiful: you will avoid depositing bacteria on your face and therefore clogging your pores (which generally leads to the appearance of acne).

While face brushes should be your priority for hygiene reasons, eye brushes should also be cleaned regularly. Indeed, how can you apply a pale pink if you've done a black smocky with the same brush the day before?

How often to clean makeup brushes?

The best frequency would be to wash your brushes every day. But obviously, it's pretty complicated. We therefore recommend that you get down to work at least once a week, on Sundays for example.

Make-up sponges absorb more impurities and it is better to clean them more regularly.

How to wash makeup brushes?

We will see 3 easy ways to clean your makeup brushes :

1.    Cleaning your make-up brushes: soap and washcloth

If you didn't know to wash your makeup brushes, I wouldn't blame you. I wandered around for a long time, not realizing that this tool that I apply daily to my face needed to be cleaned one day or another.

To get rid of foundation, blush and so on, you don't necessarily have to invest in big equipment.

Soap, an old washcloth, hot water, and here it's the help that will make the difference.

Here is how to proceed:

  • Put the brush in the water.
  • Scrub it on the wet soap.
  • Scrub the soap-soaked brush on the wet washcloth.
  • Rinse with plenty of clean water.

It's as simple as that. Don’t leave your brushes alone, you must absolutely remove as much water as possible to facilitate drying.

You can let your brushes dry horizontally, on a clean and dry towel, before you can use them again whenever you want!

2.    Cleaning your make-up brushes: Brush cleaning pad

Well, I'm talking to you who accumulate the brushes, use them to the last, before realizing that they will have to be washed one day.

If you want to invest in a tool that will make your task easier, here is a silicone tool that can be called makeup brush cleaning pad.

It will replace your good old washcloth and can also be used with hot water and soap.

Makeup artists are able to maintain the integrity of their makeup brushes for years and years by cleaning their tools regularly but also very carefully. As demonstrated by a makeup artist in this YouTube video

The makeup artist Nikkia Joy is showing how to use it in this video.

You can also find the Makeup Brush Cleansing Pad for 18.95$ here

3.    Using an Electric makeup brush cleaner machine

  • A time-saver:

If you used to spend an hour in the bathroom cleaning the dozens of brushes by hand, it is a bit long. With the Electric makeup brush cleaner, once you get the hang of it, it's very simple. And above all, it's very quick. In 10 minutes, you will be able to clean the foundation brushes, blush brushes, powder brush, blending brushes. Even the small ball brushes can be used without any problem.

  • It's eco-friendly:

Yeah, washing brushes by hand is not the greenest thing in the world. The water that flows continuously, while we go from brush to brush is not very ecological, and even less economical. I think that with this machine I use 10 times less water.

  • The guarantee to have dry brushes immediately:

There's nothing worse than waiting for your brushes to dry. With the electric brush cleaner , you can have brushes ready for action in a few minutes.

You can also find the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine for 39.95$ here


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